Concept Art: Graphic Novel “Phone Away”

Phone Away is a concept for a digital, animation book about identity and identity theft. You read the story of the main character "X" who lost it's own identity because of traumatic experiences in the past. The book follows the process where "X" slowly takes over the identity of Laura, a fellow classmate. It starts only digitally, but it takes more and more drastic turns as the story continues... How far will "X" go for it's dream to be someone else?

Global description of the story

The book starts with the introduction of Laura, a sportive and popular teenage girl. One day, Laura finds herself caught up in a terrible accident. She tries to save a kid who carelessly runs down the street, but she gets hit by a car and ends up in the hospital. While she is in coma, the world around her slowly drastically changes... because of "X".

The life of Laura is saved, but because one important item is forgotten at the bus stop, things will never be the same.

"X" is flabbergasted. Laura, the social media wonder and the most popular girl of the class, is lying in the hospital all of a sudden. X saw the accident happen right before it's eyes. Laura running down the street. Laura getting hit by a car. And she lying there in a full coma. For whatever reason, nobody is able to contact her. Why? Because her backpack with all her personal belongings was left at the place of the accident. And guess who took it? Yes. X did. X took all the items which identify Laura.

Through the book, "X' slowly takes over the whole identity of Laura. It starts only online, but after some time X totally wants to become Laura in all ways possible. It even goes so far, X takes plastic surgery to look exactly like it's classmate. This is all because of traumatic events in the past, which led to X getting a horrible self esteem and self image. Will X ever be discovered for it's crime?

The story is told through diary texts, illustration, text fragments and animations.



  • project Illustration
  • Skills Photoshop
  • Customer Example
  • Project 2013