Kawaii Fastfood illustraties

This collection is based on the Kawaii culture in Japan and has a series of products with illustrations with cute foods and snacks.


Kawaii means cute, fun and adorable. The somewhat childish style is characterized by simple, black lines & pastel shades and characters always have 2 large, round black eyes. Behind the innocence of the Kawaii culture, however, hides a darker backstory: girls use(d) the cuteness as a weapon or protest against the harsh, miserable, adult world and the high demands and work pressure imposed on young people in Japan.

The purpose of Dewy’s products is to positively contribute to the escape from reality that takes place within the Kawaii culture.

The products are sold on different markets and events which Dewy attends.

You can also find them at Dewy’s Redbubble Store, a printing on demand website with items such as phone cases, bags and mugs.