Foxy & Trash Panda illustrations

Dewy designed different product collections with her own designs. One of the collections she made is the Foxy & Trash Panda collection. The collection is based on the duo Foxy (a red panda) & Trash Panda (a raccoon) which are friends. They go on a lot of adventures together to explore the world. Foxy is a happy character sho is sometimes a bit insecure. The red panda loves to travel with Trash Panda and to collect all sorts of items, such as plushies and cute backpacks.

Trash Panda is the best friend of Foxy. He is super smart. Trash Panda loves to break into human places with his long, thin fingers. In rubbish dumps, old buildings and abandoned harbors he likes to explore the beauty of these places. He travels on his own in his handmade American trashcan. Oh, and did I tell you he is a star in the kitchen?

Trash Panda often takes Foxy out on an adventure. They search for abandoned vehicles and make them into cute and cosy food stalls. So they can share their love for food with the world!

The items of the collection are mainly small items such as keychains, buttons and postcards. These are all things that you can easily take with you, carry with you or give a place in your daily environment.

The products are sold at markets and events which Dewy attends.

The collection was nominated for the Graduation Prize of the Amsterdam School of the Arts.