Pop-up store: the DEWY toko

For her graduation, Dewy designed the DEWY toko. Her 2 collections, the Kawaii Fastfood Collection and the Foxy & Trash Panda collection were displayed and sold in the store. Visitors were welcomed by a gigantic, colored banner with a decorated tram with a smiling Foxy and Trash Panda . The decoration of the store was colorful, cheerful and full of dots that matched the atmosphere of Dewy’s creations. Visitors could not only buy items, but also have products made at the DEWY ON DEMAND corner. Stickers, keychains & button were custom-made. 

In addition to the pop-up store, Dewy designed a number of life-size statues These images were a great photo opportunity through the theatrical arrangement with spotlights and video editing that could be seen behind the characters.

Dewy’s graduation work has been nominated for the Graduation Prize of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. This prize is awarded once a year to a high-quality Bachelor project that connects to the outside world and contributes to the further development of the art profession.

The products that Dewy made for her graduation are currently being offered on the webshop and the various markets and events where she is present. These can be found in the agenda.

A part of these photos is made by Thomas Lenden . Please don't post them without the photographers permission.